About Me:

I was born and raised in Michigan, later moving to central Illinois when I was twelve.  I predominately work in watercolor and also enjoy graphite and charcoal.  I’m a member of the Transparent, Missouri, Pennsylvania and National Watercolor Societies; additionally I hold signature status with  the Illinois Watercolor society. I’ve been painting seriously since 2008  and I work out of a home studio in Bloomington Illinois.

My exposure to formal art education has been limited, more by personal choice.  I have accumulated some academic art instruction spanning three schools:  Heartland Community College, Illinois State University and lastly The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  I find inspiration from many other artists and I have a great collection of North Light Books as well as several editions of Splash and Spectrum to satisfy my art cravings.

Watercolor has become my medium of choice.  Watercolor possesses a transparency unrivaled by any other medium, its lightness and manipulative characteristics are a big draw for me as an artist.  My subject matter often centers around colorful and transparent objects that compliment natural light.  The majority of my recent work has been steeped in still life arrangements which allow me to control the lighting and chose the appropriate objects that best compliment my representation painting style.


2 responses to “About Me:

  1. Hi! I’m doing an art show in GA in October. I live the size and shape of your tent… Can you please tell me where you purchased it? Thx so much- your work is beautiful!!
    Ashley Wren

    • Hello Ashley,
      I bought my tent from http://www.flourish.com/ I have the white mesh walls and the French Wall and Rear Door options. I also purchased 3 awnings, with a deeper one for the back when I’m sitting in the sun behind my tent.
      Other things to consider: http://www.armstrongproducts.com/ & http://www.propanels.com/

      Unless you plan on doing art festivals for the long haul, these tents and display shelves may not be what you are wanting to spend price wise. An E-Z UP tent with a bottom stabilizer bar and even the Flourish mesh walls would be a great start. The wonderful thing about the Flourish tents is that they are solid and hold up in high winds and are modular so you can keep adding accessories as you can afford. The E-Z UP tents are easy up, easy down and I’ve seen plenty of them go flying in bad weather.

      Hope this helps, thanks for the compliment.

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